Willamette Ministry Team 

Kallin Benson
Board Member








Beyond the board, I also serve on the Worship Team, in skits, and with Small Groups. My family started attending Willamette the summer of 2012 and my wife and I joined the worship team in December of 2014.  I am passionate about walking alongside young married people and young parents. My favorite thing about the Willamette Valley is the weather and the green.


Dr. David Buttacavoli 
Board Member


I have been a member of Willamette Christian center since 2009, and currently serve as a greeter at our Junction City campus, as well as a member of our board since 2016. I am very passionate about Jesus and His church. My favorite thing about the Willamette Valley is the fresh fruits and vegetables produced here, especially the tomatoes at Thistledown farms. 


Van Clements
Lead Pastor

I grew up with three older brothers and a baby brother that changed our family. I learned to trust God at a young age because he answered my prayers and healed my baby brother.

I am absolutely fascinated by the local church. It's ups and downs. It's ins and outs. The highs and lows. I love the privilege of working everyday so that the local church is stronger.


Chery Cole
Women's Ministries Director

 I have attended Willamette since 1970 and joined the team serving women's ministries over three years ago. I am very passionate about connecting women to each other, but most of all to Jesus. Beyond the church I absolutely love watching a sunset, it makes my heart happy. In fact, my favorite thing about the Willamette Valley is the beauty of each season, especially the Fall.  




Steve Cole
Board Member

This is my second term elected and serving on the board. I have been a member of Willamette since 1970. I am most passionate about my relationship with Jesus, my family, and of course, cars. I was born in Tacoma, Washington, and moved to the Oregon coast in 1956, graduating from Toledo High in 1962.  But I love living in the Willamette Valley, specifically to be close to my wife. I have two older brothers, but I am indeed the tallest one!  



Rhonda Cottrell
Executive Assistant to the Lead Pastor







I joined the team in 2016, and have attended Willamette for seven years. I am the Assistant to Pastor Van, however my job has me serving in many areas which allows me to get to know many people. I am most passionate about becoming more like Jesus and that people would know Him! Outside of that, it would be gardening and riding my bike. My favorite thing about the Willamette Valley is being so close to the ocean, my favorite place. Plus, all the great places to camp. Just for fun, I was valedictorian of my senior class!!! It was a class of 6, but still…. 


Cliff Emery
Care Pastor







I have been on staff here at Willamette for over five years, since 2013. Besides Jesus, I am most passionate about fishing. There's nothing better than feeling an 18 pound steelhead on my line. I grew up in Yoncalla, Oregon (Go Eagles!), and survived being hit by a freight train when I was 18. My favorite thing about the Willamette Valley has got to be all the golf courses. 


Sandi Grubbs
Prayer Team Ministries & Board Member







Dan and I started at Willamette in 1994 after spending 16 years in mission work in Asia. Then we went back overseas for nine more years, returning to Willamette in 2008. I serve as coordinator of prayer teams, as well as on the church board. Prayer and art are my passions, and I love participating with the Pacific Rim Art Guild and Art group I helped to start when we returned. Our focus is to use our art to bless our community. I love living in the most picturesque place on the planet! I know because I have been many places and always love coming back to Eugene! 


Melissa Halden
Children's Ministry Assistant 



I serve as the Children's Ministry Assistant for Willamette Kids. I joined the team in May of 2019, and have attended Willamette since moving here in June of 2018. We actually visited Willamette while we were house hunting prior to our move, and knew the fist week while visiting that Willamette would become our church home. I am most passionate about my family! I am so thankful to be a mama and loving spending time finding adventures in life with my family. I was born and raised in Utah, and, in fact, until moving to Oregon last year, I have never lived outside of Utah. My favorite thing about the Willamette valley is trees, trees, and more trees! I am in awe of the unending green canopy and beautiful Willamette River. 

Jay Kenton
Board Member








I joined the board in the Fall of 2018. My wife and I have been members of Willamette since the Fall of 2015. I am most passionate about exploring the outdoors, helping others develop themselves, and spending time with my family. One random, fun fact about myself - I used to be a sous-chef in a French restaurant. 


Andrea Leik
Children's Ministries Director







 I serve Willamette as the Children's Ministry Director, and have served here since November, 2015.  I am most passionate about kids and families growing in faith and relationship with Jesus. I grew up in Manteca, California, but love how green the Willamette Valley is and am glad to call it home. Just for fun... I have a twin sister. We look nothing alike, however. 

Anne Marach
Board Member

I serve on the board and help out with the ushers, as well as on the emergency response team. I have attended Willamette for about 40 years, and really enjoy helping on the prayer teams and also with small groups. My favorite thing about the Willamette Valley is that it is in the center of the state, and you can drive  2 to 4 hours in different directions, and enjoy very different nature scenes: rivers, mountains, lakes, and the ocean. In fact, I moved to regain just because of the trees. I grew up in Illinois. 



Bette Morrison







I have attended Willamette since 1974. I started on staff originally in 1976 as the Pastor’s secretary, and have served for the last 30 years, faithfully, as the Bookkeeper. My favorite thing about the Willamette Valley is it is close to the ocean. Something fun you might like to know, I love to zip-line! 


Alana Moyer
Student Ministries Director 
& Royal Family Kids Camp Director


I began attending Willamette almost six years ago, in March of '13, and stepped into the role of Middle School Director in January of 2014, and RFK Director 2016. I am a pretty passionate person. I am passionate about kids,  especially kids in need. I am passionate about the next generation knowing and growing in Christ. I am passionate about the body of Christ coming together, each giving their special gifts and unique abilities to serve as Jesus's hands and feet in our community. I love being a part of a team. Fun fact, I lived in a van... unfortunately not down by the river but still pretty cool! 


Scott Neuschwander
Board Member

 I serve on the Next Steps team, sing on the vocal teams on Sundays, and serve as a Board Member. I have been at Willamette for about seven years and have been serving with the church for six years. I want to help people grow in their relationship with Christ and if they don't know Him, I want to help them find Christ. My favorite thing about the Willamette Valley is that you can travel an hour and a half and get to any kind of weather you want (snow, coast, high dessert, mountains, lakes, rivers, and all kinds of temperatures). It's a beautiful place to live!  


Bill Randall
Buna Cafe Team Leader

I have attended Willamette since 1979, so in August, I will have been attending here for 40 years! I serve in the Buna Cafe, and have for ten years. I coordinate the scheduling and oversee the team of about 20+ volunteers. I am most passionate about environmental stewardship and caring for the creation God has allowed us to oversee. My favorite thing about the Willamette Valley is proximity. In just a very short jaunt, you can be at the coast, the mountains, the Shakespearean Festival,
and the “big city” of Portland.

Brenda Randall
Connections Pastor

As the Connection Pastor I help our people get connected to a small group, serving opportunities, membership, and our online community. I started attending Willamette in 1977 when I moved to Eugene to attend college. My first paid position at Willamette was in 1980 as the middle school math teacher. I have served in several roles since then: church preschool director, day-school preschool teacher, day-school preschool director, school admission director, children’s pastor and now connection pastor. I am most passionate about Helping others know how valuable they are to God and us.


Houston Sheppard
First Impressions & Service Support Director

I have attended Willamette since around 1972, so I guess that puts me here for about 47 years!  I was born in Georgia, lived in California, then God called me to Oregon.  As the First Impressions & Service Support Director and Next Steps Leader, I have chosen to come alongside people, as many have come alongside me, just like Jesus intended and so clearly demonstrated. I suppose you could say my relationship with God, my family and others highlights my passion the most.  Of course being situated between the coast and Cascades gives good reason why I love the valley we live in and all the great adventures it offers.  Here’s a funny truth or if you will a confession.  My wife and I once taught a young Missionette group where the girls continuously insisted that I sing “A rainbow, a rainbow, a promise of God’s love” over and over and over again, can you imagine that? Me singing? Lol

Shari Steward
Willamette Kids Preschool Director

I am the new Preschool Director for Willamette Kids Preschool, beginning July 29th, 2019. It is a great fit for me! I am most passionate about being with children and helping people in need (as well as singing). Just for fun, my husband and I enjoy making jelly and jam together. The Willamette Valley is filled with yummy and fresh produce for this! But my favorite thing about the Willamette Valley is enjoying the friendliness of the people. and the wonderful weather!            

Stan Steward
Teaching Pastor

I am the most recent addition to Willamette's pastoral team. My first day on the job was July 29th of this year (2019). My specific responsibilities include re-establishing a men’s ministry and assisting Pastor Van in the church’s pulpit ministry. Prior to moving to Eugene, I served, for several years, as Lead Pastor of Hermiston Christian Center in Hermiston, Oregon. One of my passions is to see an individual’s Christian faith integrated into all areas of life. One of my goals in ministry is to help people discover how Jesus is with them in the trenches of everyday living. My wife and I enjoy the outdoors. We are avid hikers and crabbers along the Oregon coast.  Both Shari and I are enjoying “discovering” Eugene. It is a beautiful city with lots of cultural, sporting, and recreational things to do. 


Duawayne Taft
Maintenance Lead

Beyond my job, I also serve Willamette on Sundays at the Junction City Campus as an usher, a greeter, and visiting people. I began working at Willamette eight years ago, and joined the team five years ago. I am most passionate about my wife as well as kids. One random fact about me is that I love to cook outside, and I also love football and basketball. But my favorite thing about the Willamette Valley has got to be the McKenzie River. 


Lizzy Taft
Campus Logistics Lead

I serve at Willamette as a custodian, as well as on Sundays at the Junction City Campus. I joined the team five years ago as a staff member, but began attending Willamette four years ago as Willamette became more a family to us. I am most passionate about people. I grew up in Idaho, Arizona, Montana, Oregon, and California. My favorite thing about the Willamette Valley is it is where I met my husband. 


Katrina Thompson

 I lead the vocal teams at Willamette, and have for the last five or so years. I joined the team about 8 years ago, but have attended Willamette all of my life. In fact, I am the fourth generation in my family who has attended Willamette, and am happy to be raising my own family here. I am most passionate about Jesus, being a wife, a mother, and of course...music! 

Gabriele Turner
Office Coordinator

I have worked in the church office as the office coordinator for two years. I currently also serve on the Buna Cafe Team, Prayer Team, and Women's Ministries Team most recently as co-leader of a Small Group. I have attended Willamette since January 2012, and have been serving ever since. I am most passionate about healing and restoration of my family. My favorite thing about the Willamette Valley is the beauty of God’s creation from the diverse plant life, flowers, waterfalls, hiking, camping, and some of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen. 


Oscar Watson III
Music Director

 I help the team creatively represent the message of Jesus Christ in a fun, energetic environment where we all, bringing our level best, can lead ourselves and those with us in experiencing the presence of God. I have been serving at Music Director since September of 2012. I am most personable about leading people to a place where they can experience the life changing presence of God. On Sundays I lead from the drums. Fun fact for you, I enjoy building drums as well as playing them. While I grew up in Lakeland, Florida, my favorite thing about the Willamette Valley is the outdoors and the Thai food. 


Ranee Werder
Business Administrator & JC Campus Director

I serve Willamette as the Business Administrator and Junction City Campus Director.  I found Jesus, myself, on Easter Sunday in 1984 in the Gymnasium at an event, and have called Willamette my home ever since. I began working for the church in July of 2007. Being able to help people grow in their faith, knowledge and understanding of God and His Word is what excites me the most eery day! Fun fact for you, I used to race stock cars at the Eugene Speedway!