Come join us, SUNDAYS at 10:00 AM. Series begins January 6!

Dear Church Family,

We have some very special guests coming to share with us during January. They are men who have greatly impacted my life. Many of you will know them and have expressed great admiration, so I am excited for our Sundays in January. Erica and I are taking sometime to catch our breath. We look forward to rejoining you all in mid-stride on February 3 for our Annual RFK Sunday. Then we will take a 3 month journey together in the book of Hebrews called GREATER >.

For the month of January we are going to HURRY FAST. Literally, we will fast, hurry. 

If microwaves make things fast, then in the BUSY MINDSET we often look for our relationships, our work, or spirituality to be microwavable. But nothing worth holding on to or worth fighting for grows fast. Your relationships with people, are built and strengthened over time. And relationship with your creator, with your Heavenly Father, with your Savior Jesus, with the Holy Spirit, in other words with GOD… doesn’t happen in fast microwave moments.

So, we will ruthlessly look to eliminate hurry from our our lives. Let's settle into the new year without the hustle or bustle, but with a longing and waiting for more of God. As we wait on the Lord we will renew our strength.

See you all in February!

Pastor Van


January 6 | with Special Guest Pastor Larry Powers

January 13 | with Special Guest Dr. Dennis Lindsay

January 20 | with Special Guest Pastor Larry Powers

January 27 | with Special Guest Pastor Bill Wilson