Tentative Summer 2018 camp dates:
July 2 - 6, 2018
Be a part of the community that blesses our city. 
Royal Family Kids Camp is a summer camp for kids in foster care. Currently there are 180 camps across the world. RFKC is volunteer based, with a retention of 85% of its volunteers returning the next year. Five percent of all foster care children in the United States will go Royal Family Kids Camp. 
Well... it all starts with a child. Lane County alone has 1,400 children in foster care. To become a part of the foster care system, each child will have most likely been abused, neglected, or abondoned. At RFKC we provide love, care, support, and encouragement to each and every child. With a 2 to 1 adult-to-child ratio, we know that these children come away from camp knowing they are important to us. Through camp they find out they are a part of a family, no matter what their current home or family situation is like. 
We invite you to lend a hand by supporting Eugene's Royal Family Kids Camp. When you give to Royal Family, you are supporting a child in need. Every amount given, no matter how big or how small, is of great importance. In that, we thank you for your considered support of this wonderful endeavor. Thank you for partnering with us to reach out to the foster care kids in Eugene, OR. 
$10 - Memory book for one child 
        (includes pictures of the child with friends and staff).
$30 - A blanket for one child 
        (The Dorcas ministry here at Willamette is making a blanket for each child. 
        They will be personalized with the child's name on it. This price will cover 
        the cost for one blanket for one child).
$200 - Food and Lodging for one child 
        (This is a huge security for these children to know they have food every 
        meal, and a safe place to sleep).
$300 - Cost of camp for one adult counselor 
        (includes training, food, and lodging for one adult).
$1000 - Covers the entire cost of one child
        (includes one child, two adults*, birthday party, and activities). 
        *For every one child that goes to camp, two adult staff members go to camp. 
If you would like to be a sponsor to RFKC, click here to give online.